Virtual Gumball cars flying
Virtual Gumball cars flying

Virtual Supercar Casino Games

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Virtual supercar casino games at Ignition Casino

Do you have the need for speed? If you’re one of the thousands attending the Gumball 2022 event live and in person, or one of the millions watching the action at Ignition Casino, the answer is obvious. That’s why the virtual racing games at Ignition are so popular. Check under the Virtual Sports hood the next time you visit our lobby, and you’ll find all sorts of races to bet on. Here’s a closer look at what’s on tap.

Supercars at Ignition Casino

This is the No. 1 choice for people who eat and breathe the Gumball challenge. There’s a new virtual supercar race at Ignition every two to three minutes, with either six or eight cars on the grid. They’ll take four laps around the oval before the checkered flag drops. Place your bets, then watch the race unfold, with commentary provided while the engines hum in the background.

Even if you’ve never completed any of the Gumball routes before (including the Gumball 3000 Europe rallies and our upcoming Gumball 3000 North America tour), betting on the virtual supercars at Ignition is a piece of cake. Each car has a number and a driver’s name attached, and the betting works just like it does in horse racing, with Win/Place/Show bets, exactas, trifectas, and quinellas. You can even bet on whether the winning car number will be odd or even, or over/under the posted “total” (3.5 for six cars, 4.5 for eight).

All you have to do to place your bet is look at the menu below your game display and tap/click your chosen wager. The virtual races at Ignition use the “American odds” format, just like betting on actual motorsports. For example, in a recent Supercars 8 race, Car No. 4 (driven by James Ward) was available at –164 to Show, meaning a finish anywhere in the Top 3. A bet at –164 odds means you’re betting $164 to win $100, or $16.40 to win $10, or any bet size you like. Ward did indeed finish third, by the way.

Most of the bets in virtual racing will have positive signs (+) attached to the odds, rather than negative signs. These are a bit easier to wrap your head around. The No. 1 car of James Rodriguez was +660 to win a recent Supercars 8 race, so a $100 bet would have won you $660 had Rodriguez gotten the duke. Sadly, Rodriguez was nipped at the line by the No. 6 car of William James, who was the pre-race favorite at +175. Results are logged for you so you can keep track of your wagers while you’re waiting for the green flag to drop on the next race.

To make your virtual racing experience even better, open the Preferences menu, then toggle the sound effects, background audio and other options so they meet your specifications. These races are a great way to let off some steam during your Gumball coast-to-coast odyssey, or while you’re watching along at home, either on your desktop or mobile device.


For a different kind of horsepower, try the equine original. Virtual thoroughbred racing has been very popular for decades now. You’ll find it at just about every racino in the world, and you’ll find it right here at Ignition Casino. The betting works exactly the same as it does with the supercars, with some races featuring six horses and others eight. The name of each horse is listed next to its number, and they’ll travel counter-clockwise around the turf course.

If you’re familiar with horse racing, this is where your experience with exactas and such will come in handy. For everyone else, here’s how those “exotic” bets work:

Exacta: Bet on the first two horses to cross the finish line, in order.
Trifecta: Bet on the first three horses, in order.
Quinella: Bet on the first two horses, in any order.

These exotics are where the really big money is. For example, a recent thoroughbred race at Ignition paid out at +5590 for the winning trifecta bet of 7-5-2. A payout like that will easily take care of dinner the next time you pull your supercar up to the drive-thru window. This is virtual racing, though, so don’t go too hard trying to chase down that big money. You won’t have the same handicapping angles to work with that you would in real life, like running styles, pedigrees and track conditions.

Virtual Greyhounds

Depending on what part of the world you live in, greyhound racing is either just for fun, or an integral part of gambling – as it is in both the United States and Australia. Back in the day, the greyhounds were chasing actual live prey; now they run around the track chasing a mechanical rabbit, making the sport much more like thoroughbred racing.

You can see the similarities when you bet on the virtual greyhounds at Ignition Casino. All the familiar bets are there, and once again, some races have six hounds, while others have eight. These races are shorter than the others, though, so there’s less waiting time in between. Good dog.

Real-Life Greyhounds

When you browse the Virtual Sports menu at Ignition Casino, you’ll see most of the racing options marked in green with the letter V, and one marked in red with the letter R. The latter is our special real-life greyhound race, using footage complied from actual events – just like you’ll find at the racinos. Note: All the real-life greyhound races feature six pups, and to protect the betting integrity of this game, the audio and commentary has been turned off. Otherwise, you get the same great racing action that you get with the virtual hounds.


It’s no secret that many of our Gumball 3000 supercar enthusiasts come from the Persian Gulf region, including the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. In this part of the world, camel racing is king. They can run at a good 40 mph, even with a jockey aboard. And in case you’re wondering, all of the camels in our virtual races have one hump, not two.

No details have been spared in these races, either. Just like in real life, the computer-generated camels (six or eight at a time) will make their way around the desert track while giant SUVs follow along the inside and outside rails. All of the same bets are available as the other virtual races, and both commentary and background audio are available as well.

As an extra feature, all the virtual racing games at Ignition Casino can now be played on demand by opening the Push To Play menu, choosing your preferred race, placing your bets, and hitting the Start Race button underneath your bet slip – which you’ll find to the right of your game display. This is handy if you don’t want to wait the two to three minutes between races, or if you require more time to figure out which bets to make.

Need something else to bet on besides racing? Virtual basketball and soccer matches are also available at Ignition Casino, and for something more akin to the lottery, try the Color-Color game. You can find out more about all of these great games by consulting our Virtual Sports FAQ and Help guides, and don’t forget to browse our Gumball FAQ to see what we have in store for this year’s rally from Toronto to Miami.