The Gumball 30000 and Ignition Casino car in the darkness
The Gumball 30000 and Ignition Casino car in the darkness

Ignition & Gumball 3000: Connected by Cards

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Gumball 3000 & Ignition Casino rally across North America in 2022

Two passionate brands bring cars, cards, and endless entertainment to your home.

Fasten your seatbelts: the Gumball 3000 Rally is coming to North America this year. It’s going to be a wild ride from Toronto, Canada through the heart of America with stops in Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis and ending in Miami, Florida. And considering Gumball is a rally that loves community, fun and adventure, it has found a sponsor with a similar vision, Ignition Casino. Ignition is the official gambling partner of the 22nd Annual Gumball 3000 rally. Every Gumball supercar will have Ignition Casino logo, and to cement its status as an official sponsor, the Team Ignition car, a Lamborghini Aventador S, will be driven by “Mr. Gumball” himself, Maximillion Cooper.

About Gumball 3000

If you want to know what the Gumball 3000 lifestyle is all about, you have to hit up some of the iconic parties on the rally’s route. In 1999, founder Maximillion Cooper went on his own road trip from London to Italy (and back) and hosted parties in the major cities he crossed with his road-tripping buddies. The whole experience inspired what would soon become the Gumball 3000 rally. And with every rally that followed, the logistics have been further refined to create large-scale concerts to entertain the growing Gumball fanbase.

Known for attracting celebrities, fashion designers, actors, athletes, models, major sponsors, and local car enthusiasts, Gumball 3000 parties are full of people who want to let loose for a night of zero inhibitions in major international destinations, like Ibiza and New York. In 2011, the rally took place in Europe, and DJ David Guetta got things bumping at the Sutton Club in Barcelona on the third leg of the trip that went from London to Istanbul. After a few hours of sleep, drivers got back in their cars and hit the road to Monaco for the fourth stopover.

Since Cooper’s inaugural rally, Gumball 3000 has taken place every year except in 2020 and 2021 when the global health pandemic made it impractical. The event has evolved over the years. It started as more of a competition between prospective Gumball race winners, but has transformed into an action-packed road trip with entertaining stopping points shared by all Gumball 3000 car drivers. Now instead of a trophy being handed out to the race winner, the Spirit of Gumball award is given to the driver(s) who best embodies the Gumball spirit over the course of the trip.

Gumball 3000 rally cars driving at night.

Every year, drivers wait with anticipation to learn the route selection for the coming event, with previous rallies taking drivers all over Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Since the Gumball rally attracts people who have their own sports and luxury cars, and has major upfront costs, including renting massive aircraft to fly Gumball 3000 cars from continent to continent, it draws a crowd of wealthy driving enthusiasts who consider Gumball 3000 to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be missed. Celebrities make up most of the Gumball rally drivers nowadays, including David Hasselhoff, Matthew McConaughey, Xzibit, Lewis Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Eve, and Jodie Kidd – and the list keeps growing.

Even though Gumball 3000 is not a race, there’s still a lot of adrenaline that comes from hearing the roar of over 100 powerful engines blitzing down the interstate. Every time the rally rolls into a city for a stopover, the drivers are welcomed by crowds of frenzied car fanatics eager to get a look at the beauty of these luxury vehicles.

About Ignition Casino

As an online casino and poker platform, Ignition Casino endorses almost any event that involves the thrill of a chase, which is why Gumball 3000 was a natural match. Since they began in 2016, Ignition has combined its love of exotic cars with a bold and daring online casino platform. The result is a fun-fueled environment that caters to American players looking to go big with their bets and take poker rooms by storm. Ignition has hundreds of games to choose from that use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology for people who like the solo approach. Anyone who prefers the human element of casinos will get that in the Live Dealer section, which offers Blackjack, American Roulette, European Roulette, Baccarat and Super 6; choose your dealer and hook into the live stream. The rest is up to you.

Fast and Sexy Online Slot

Ignition Poker players will be pleased to know that they will play with anonymity at our tables, which solves the growing problem of heads-up displays. Tracking people’s hands and moves with software sucks the fun out of poker, and we want to prevent that. There’s also a wide range of tournaments on tap in our casino, with everything from guaranteed weeklies to major annual poker festivals, like the Super Millions Poker Open and Golden Spade Poker Open.

Whether you’re a poker player or casino aficionado, Ignition Casino has some the best promotions in the business. A weekly 100% match bonus for up to $100 is up for grabs for anyone using cryptocurrency to bankroll their account. Ignition also has $2,500 guaranteed freerolls that take place every week.

Adrenaline. Beyond the realm of table games and online poker, slots can give an adrenaline rush of their own. Launch a session of the Fast & Sexy slot, the supercar-road racing game that sets you up with a crew of mechanic babes to make sure your engine is roaring. As you spin the reels of this game, the car’s tires screech through the streets of Vegas, Sydney, Monaco, and Tokyo—all past Gumball 3000 destinations except for Sydney. Triggering the bonus game will also unleash a wave of adrenaline as you pick out the supercars that you want to take on a digital street race for up to 3000x your stake. Can you tell what engine is biggest without popping open the hood?

Competitive edge. But it’s not just adrenaline that we’re looking for. There’s a competitive component to driving supercars that translates over to the world of casino gaming. While Gumball 3000 drivers enjoy the competitive edge of driving powerful cars on public roads while they make their way to the finish line, we relish the opportunity to compete in high-stakes casino games and online poker tournaments. These give us the opportunity to test the skills we’ve built over years of learning and perfecting the strategy behind our chosen games.

The table games all have $500 limits, which means you don’t need to grind your way through a low-stakes session. The more you bet, the more you can win, but only you can determine the best risk-reward ratio for your bankroll, and there’s always an element of uncertainty when you play cards or roll the dice.

There’s a level of control with most table games and poker, and when you master it, you feel like a champion.

Gumball 3000 and Ignition Casino tend to attract the same people: those who love fast cars, epic parties, high-stakes casino gambling, and a competitive spirit. Come Gumball 3000 kick-off, you’ll find us in the driver’s seat of our Ignition car, cruising from T-Dot to Indy 500, and then hitting up Nashville, Atlanta, and before reaching the final destination: Miami. Hope to see you there!